Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Learn to Tat DVD and Tatting Techniques DVD and booklets

Back in 2009 I blogged that the Ring of Tatters had produced a Learn to Tat DVD which was available from Lynne at resources@ringoftatters.org.uk. The Ring now also has a Learn to Tat booklet and Tatting Techniques DVD with a pattern booklet. Clare has taken over all the merchandising for the Ring and you can contact her at distribution@ringoftatters.org.uk or through the website www.ringoftatters.org.uk.

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Marty said...

Jennifer, I can't seem to locate an email contact for you and I have a favor to ask. Bonneville Tatters (www.bonnevilletatters.org)has asked me to teach people to sew in their thread ends at the April meeting. I found your sewing in ends technique page on your website and would like to have your permission to copy and distribute it to those people who want to learn, please. There will probably be about 30 of them. You can reach me at marty1066 at yahoo dot com.