Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Buddelia and butterflies

Last year the 'Lacemakers' Circle' held an exhibition of laces with the theme "Flora and fauna". There were some exquisite examples of all types of lace and I was honoured to have two of my pieces of tatting included in the display.
I had already created a buddleia as part of a bookmark and added butterflies in the same colour to make it more 'bookmark' shaped. Well, the butterflies didn't show up very well so I decided to cut them off and use the buddelia as the centre for this picture. I Googled 'British butterflies' and then from all the images I settled on three that I 'd try to interpret in tatting. The 'Orange-tipped' and the 'Purple Hairstreak' butterflies are quite near but I wanted to add some contrasting colour to 'the mix'. Eventually, for the third type of butterfly, I combined the markings of a 'Tortoiseshell' and a 'Painted Lady.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

This one of Jane Eborall's patterns that I made this week to match what I'm wearing to a party tonight. My son-in-law, Martin, was 50 in April and Marguerite will be 40 next week so they decided to have one big party to celebrate their 90th! Family and friends are coming from different parts of the UK and from across the pond.