Tuesday, 13 April 2010

More pictures of the display at Harrogate

Grapes on the vine designed by Karey Solomon

Train by Jennifer Williams

Clock designed by Rosemarie Peel, fan and butterflies by Jennifer Williams

One of five fairies by Jennifer Williams

Eggs by Lynne Webber and Jennifer Williams. Flowers by Jennifer Williams

Beaded necklace designed by Nina Libin


deanna7trees said...

The Grapes on the Vine piece is beautiful. Are those grapes crochet?

TypsTatting said...

Just love the Grapes on the vine and all of your other tatting is really marvelous!!!!

Jennifer said...

No, the grapes aren't crocheted, they're tatted over beads. They are a bit fiddly to work but I think it's worth it. I can't remember how many I had to make for the bunch, I gave up counting.

deanna7trees said...

Is their a pattern available for the 'grapes on a vine'? Would love to make that for a grape-loving friend.

Jennifer said...

I did the grapes at a workshop with Karey a few years ago. I don't know if the pattern is in one of her books but if you email me I can give you her email address and you can ask her.

deanna7trees said...

Don't see your e-mail address anyplace but if you click on my name, it will take you to my blogger page and you can click on e-mail. I appreciate your help.