Monday, 7 December 2009

The National Christmas Lace Fair, Solihull, UK

I had a busy day last Saturday. It was the day of the National Christmas Lace Fair and the Ring of Tatters had a stand to display some of our tatting for Christmas. The table was only 6' X 2' 6'' so we didn't have much space. As we hadn't been represented at this event before we wanted to show the bobbin lace purists that tatting is not inferior to bobbin lace, it's just a different form of lace.
There were four of us on the stand, demonstrating how traditional tatting works and generally promoting tatting to anyone who was interested. At all of the other exhibitions that we attend we're asked how much the different items are but at this one we were asked where they could buy the patterns so watch this space (for next Christmas).


Jane Eborall said...

You WERE busy every time I looked round there was somebody else wanting to talk to you.

Tatskool said...

Wow, Jennifer what a gorgeous display. I recognise so many snowflakes from 24 snowflakes in tatting that I am working on at the moment.
I love the little choiristers. Is this your design??

Jennifer said...

Yes, the choristers are my design and the pattern will be available next year when I've tidied it up a bit to make it easier to follow.

Tatskool said...

WONDERFUL! Look forward to it, thanks.

❦TattingChic said...

Hi Jennifer! That fair looks like it was a lot of fun to go to. Oh, someone in Italy named Carla, did your tree pattern and I shared it on my blog (she also showed it on her blog). I did add your name as the designer. I do hope you visit it is a lovely photograph. How can people get the pattern from you if they want to tat it up to? What would you like me to add to the blog post? I believe I already have a copy that you sent me, but I don't know if you are okay with putting your email addy on my blog or not. Some people are okay with it and others are not okay with that. What would you prefer? You can leave the answer in the comments on my blog post about the tree if you'd like.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for showing Carla's version of my tree on your blog - it does look good.
Since I released the pattern lots of people have sent me pictures of their versions. One was worked in size 80 thread and scaled down for a dolls' house. I've been hoping someone would work it in white but I haven't seen one yet.
The patterns is available to download at, then click on 'patterns' to find it.